Why this site after four decades?

Two ham radio operators, WA3ETR and WA3IVS, Kramer and Clark, stumbled upon each other at an amateur radio club website in 2010. Both have an interest in finding old buddies or anyone who has an interest in Cam Ranh Bay Air Base, RVN. Kramer ( 1969 – 1970 ) was in the 12th Supply Squadron and made liquid oxygen at the base LOX plant. Clark ( 1970 – 1971 ) was in the 483rd Security Police Squadron / Phantom Flight. We have about 300 photos and slides which will be added to the photo gallery over time. So, please join us and make a contribution or comment. Because of spammers you’ll have to request a login account to post on the site.

We are getting old, but still have some talent.  Check this:

Yeah, Vic served at Phan Rang AB, but he is one of us. He has written two books available on Amazon. Clark has purchased both of them and highly recommends both to any old soldier who wants to hear war stories the way they were told way back then. Here is where to get them on Amazon:

Forgotten Moments Forgotten People


Game is over

These are “Hot off the press”  in 2013 and should be read by any USAF Viet Vet who wants to remember, especially Security Police.


Yeah, the 483rd SPS had fun (below), but got’er done. Numerous B-40′s and a couple of B-22′s. A few Sapper attacks and we got some of them. So what, they blew up the POL? Nobody got hurt and we sucked it up. After all these years emotions about Nam still fill men’s hearts. The experience changed many forever. How about you?


The 12th Supply Sq. gang (right) look more like the SP’s than the SP’s.  The 483rd SPS were not allowed weapons in the hooch area for obvious reasons.




The view from Oscar-29 overlooking “The Bridge Over Troubled Waters”.Since posting this I’ve met two ex-Army MP’s, neither from the 555th.  They tell me that yes, although  we had a .50 cal overlooking the bridge and them , but we never knew what they had aimed at us.  Who’d a thunk that?  Glad we never had to fire on that bridge else this website might not be here.Perhaps the coldest place in Viet Nam.  They sure had the coldest beer at CRB.

Anybody remember the ROK’s? Republic of Korea troops who had a compound west of the bridge.  They loved to shoot.  How about the RMK construction company?  They built stuff for us and liked to barter.  Can’t say what the SP’s exchanged for what, but we were both happy.  Then there is the 555th MP Company (Tripple NIckel) which ran the checkpoint on the west end of The Bridge.  I think the USAF fed them more then the Army did and they were good guys.  Remember any more?

Last Home Page entry until something supercedes it.  About Ham Radio which enabled this website.  If you have any interest in Ham Radio, please contact us.  We can’t get you a license, but can get you in contact with “an Elmer”, a buddy to help you,  in your region.  Want to talk to folks all over the world or just your neighborhood?  Spend little to a small fortune?  There is something for everyone.  Just let us know and we’ll connect the dots for you.



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483rd SPS ’71-’72 Phantom Flight, 12th SPS Phu Cat Dec ’71

I am doing research for my father who was in 483rd SPS Phantom Flight CRB and 12th SPS Cobra Flight Phu Cat ’71-’72. His name is Barry Douglas DeLoach. I am trying to locate anyone who may remember him. He has told me many stories about his tour but of course not all. Oscar 9 was one of his areas and another one at Phu Cat overlooking a local graveyard. I would like to hear from anyone who may remember him. He is interested in contacting some old buddies and I am strictly here for support.